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Serving over 2000 Mid-Western New and Used Auto Dealers since 2010

Weekly Auto Auctions Tuesday and Thursday @ 4:00 PM


Polen's BuyBid Auto Exchange

Insured by Auction Insurance Agency

"Your Protection is Important to Us"

Providing Auto Check-and Black Book Price Point

How would your dealership like to hold its own Internet Auto Auction? With our program and the technology we have available today you can do just that and we manage it for you.

Our Slogan, Give us the Keys and we'll give you an Offer

How Our System Work's

We consign the New car dealers wholesale and aged inventory at no cost right at their dealership. We are much different than the wholesalers that want to buy their wholesale inventory for the least amount possible, we strive to get top dollar for each unit based Black Book Price Point and the condition of the wholesale unit.

Our auction is nothing like OVE, Smart Auction or eBay, it has live bidding and the auction process last only 15 minutes. Buyers have one or two days to review consignment and select only the units they are interested in and that's what they bid on during the 15 minute auction. With our system there are no bad numbers that a seller may have at the brick and mortar or simulcast auctions.

Why Polen's BuyBid:

1. No wholesalers at your New Car Dealership dickering with the manager for the lowest price.
2. No Auto Auction transportation cost or liabilities and lower sale fees.
3. The sellers inventory stays at the dealership available for retail and may be retailed at any time without penalty, not tied up for days on Smart Auction or setting at the brick and mortar auction.
4. The guarantee that the New Car Dealership will receive the current market value with competitive bidding based on the condition of their wholesale unit.

Our buyers know we do quality mechanical and cosmetic condition reports with photos. We generally list the consignment for 2 or 3 days prior to the auction day. Dealers are looking for an easier and more profitable way to buy and sell cars. The Internet is the future of the auto auction industry as it continues to capture more and more market share.

Our Auction Process:

Buyers can inspect the sellers wholesale inventory anytime from the consignment date until 4:00 pm on the auction day. At 4:00 pm our Live Auction process starts and takes just 15 minutes. There is an overtime bidding process if bidding continues past 4:15. When the auction ends all bids are reviewed by the seller and accepted or counter offered. We work every reasonable counter offer and close a very high percentage of them that are within the current Black Book market value .

Buying dealers make checks payable to the selling dealership. Both sellers and buyers are protected with check and title insurance and Auto Check provided by Auction Insurance Agency the same company that covers Manheim, Adesa, and ABC and all large independent auto auctions.

We allow the sellers to take control of their wholesale department and guarantee them they will obtain fair market value through completive bidding, eliminating wholesalers by selling wholesale and ageing inventory directly to used car dealers not wholesalers. The traditional brick and mortar auctions are being challenged. Our concepts and practices have been put to work for over six years throughout Illinois. This is a great program.

Polens BuyBid can help manage your aged Inventory

Our aged inventory wholesale program is exclusively for consignment from New Car Dealers. Polens BuyBid receives a daily feed from your feed provider the same feed you sent to Auto Trader or Cars.com. Using this feed we send a weekly email or deliver in person a listing of your ageing inventory over (60) days old. Our program allows the you to simply open the email and review this inventory and click on send to auction, you do not even have to log-in to our website this all works directly from your email. With Smart Auction or OVE it takes around (10) minutes to consign (1) unit. With our system you can consign (10) units in (5) minutes. Your ageing units will run for (7) days.

We have over 2600 new and used car dealers registered in our system between Chicago, St Louis and Indianapolis, that is a lot of buying power. Best of all your ageing units are still at your dealership and may be retailed at anytime without penalty. We must perform a post sale inspection and report any discrepancy to the buyer before the auction transaction can be completed.

The day of the brick and mortar auctions will slowly go by the wayside as technology marches forward. The power of the Internet is changing how business is conducted and Polen's BuyBid is part of that change.... Please join us, all we need is the name of your feed provider.

Please join us, all we need is the name of your fee provider and you will be ready to sell or buy aged Inventory from hundreds of New Car Stores.

Thank You Steve Polen